Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Eagle has Landed?

Some of the laments of those in my profession served as the basis for launching this blog, and were laid out in my first post (Introduction - Thoughts at Launch).

Five days later, I was sitting in my supervisor's office, receiving a debriefing of a two-day meeting she attended at the parent company's offices in the Midwest. She laid out all of the particulars that applied to me -- short-term solutions for interface changes, attempts at a longer-term strategy, who contributed to discussion and who didn't, etc. -- then gave me a set of documents to copy for my own reference. Upon returning the originals, she said, "Oh, by the way -- I want to do a usability test."

I almost wet myself.

Seems she had taken to heart much of Steve Krug's book, "Don't Make Me Think" and decided that his "10 cents a day" approach to usability testing is just the thing that's needed at this point in the evolution of the company's IT development process.

Damn - I should have started this thing months ago.

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